"KAMINARI GUITARS"'s unique world view and attention to detail unique to "HISTORY", the best live performance guitar that both Japanese brands have generously put out their strengths is born.
We asked "Mayu", who is active as an image icon of the next-generation artist, to cooperate in the development, and after detailed supervision such as unique looks, sharp sound, playability that even small women can easily play, etc. Achieved quality that makes it ready for action even on stage.

Newly developed tailpiece

A special tailpiece block machined from aluminum that was newly developed this time. By embedding it directly in the body, the string vibration is fully transmitted to the body, creating a unique overtone unique to this guitar.


Discerning tail piece cover

The special tailpiece cover engraved with the KAMINARI GUITARS logo is one point, further accentuating the presence of the guitar.


Original design head

The original head, which pursues functionality as well as design, has various ideas such as a protrusion shape that protects the pegs from unexpected accidents and the ease of attaching the clip tuner to the stepped part, which is also an eye catching point.


Vintage Minibucker

The sound unique to a mini humbucker maximizes the appeal of this model. It has a thick and chewy clean tone, and when distorted, it does not crush the sound and exhibits a clear chord feeling and good sound omission. It responds to the expressive power required by players, from sharp chord cutting and arpeggios to solo performances.




Body : Alder 2P
Neck : Hard Maple 1P (Shape : U / Silk Feel Grip)
Fretboard : Rosewood (305R / 22F)
Scale : 628mm
Neck Joint : Bolt-on (Heel Cut Joint)
Nut : Oil Soak Cow Bone(W42mm)
Front Pickup : DiMarzio Vintage Minibucker DP240
Rear Pickup : DiMarzio Vintage Minibucker DP241
Machine Heads : GOTOH SD91-05MA
Controls : 1Volume (CTS), 1Tone (CTS), 3Way Toggle SW
Condenser : Orange Drop 0.022μF
Color:Fire Red / Night Black / Volcano Burst / Ivory White / Apple Green Metallic / Old Coconut / Milk Tea / Charcoal / Ink Blue Metallic / Sun Flower Yellow

Accessories: Original gig bag

Full length: about 1,019mm / Maximum width: about 320mm / Weight: about 3.1kg


KH-CYGNET 定価128,000円(税込140,800円)


You can put pinstripes on all guitars and basses.
ピンストライプオプション 11,000円(税込)〜
* Price varies depending on the size of the pinstripe.
* Since all pinstripes are hand-painted, they will peel off over time as they are used, but we have adopted hand-painting in anticipation of the texture.


Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Please note.

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