SUNRISE was born from an order by singer-songwriter Motohiro Hata.
A handmade model of 50 pieces, which is based on a standard shape, but has a thorough attention to detail in sound and playability. Achieves the finest sound produced by the clear sound that is outstandingly clear and the exquisite tone balance that is not overstated. Each piece is carefully finished by one of the best craftsmen in Japan. SUNRISE limited serial on the back of the head.


The neck, which has been carefully selected with a maple fingerboard that is resistant to warping, has a vintage shape that conveys the feel firmly to the entire palm. In addition, the frets are made of high-grade stainless steel frets made of a soft material that is different from the conventional ones. Achieves a warm and soft sound while having the maintenance-free advantage of "not rusting".

Body finish

Light ash, which is lightweight and has high density, is carefully selected for the body material. In addition, the finish is based on the motif of Mr. Hata's favorite Gibson J-45 cherry sunburst, and it is carefully finished with all nitrocellulose lacquer to create the finest texture, but the depth of the guitar increases over time. It is rare. The cell binding is also finished in a candy color that faithfully reproduces the aging of Gibson.

Hardware assembly

For the pickup that is the key to the sound, we adopted ARCANE's '68 Experience, which was carefully hand-wired one by one at Los Angels. A combination of a front pickup that produces a thick sound with a warm warmth peculiar to the mid, and a rear pickup that firmly covers the low range with a wide range. CTS pot, CRL 3-Way switch, SWITCHCRAFT jack, and cross-wire wiring are selected for the control section with an emphasis on sound and durability. By adopting a dead stock ceramic capacitor (0.047Μf) in the latter half of the 1960s as a standard specification, a clear and clear sound is produced. The control plate uses a hybrid control plate that does not interfere with the selector switch knob and Vo knob when playing in the rear position.



Body:Light Ash / Double Bound
Fretboard:Maple cap (21F)
Pickups:Arcane Pickups
Machine Heads:GOTOH
Finish:Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Color:Vintage Cherry Sunburst

Accessories: G & G White Torex Fit Case

Overall length: Approximately 974mm / Maximum width: Approximately 320mm / Weight: Approximately 2.9kg

Completed production

K-SR open price

Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Please note.

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